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Malongo Cafe Jean Medecin Nice

A new Malongo Café opens in Nice

For the first time ever, the city of Nice welcomes a new boutique in the heart of the town centre, located on Avenue Jean Medecin. It is the 16th store that the company Malongo-Rombouts now open.

La boutique

A historical site


This location, in the heart of the city, is a throwback to the first coffee boutique opened by Maurice Longo in 1934, which developed into the Malongo brand.

This is the first Malongo Café in Nice to boast a terrace, which will allow coffee lovers to take advantage of the atmosphere in the Avenue Jean Médecin, while sipping the great coffees of the world.

Les Produits

A journey through the world of coffee


In Malongo Cafés, only high quality products are offered. More than 45 pure varieties are available, with new tastes every month, to ensure you can always discover new flavours.

Clients are greeted by staff who have trained in the Malongo training centre. The staff know the source, composition and gustative qualities of each coffee and can thus take their clients on a fascinating journey. Each coffee is available for drinking on the premises and for sale, as beans or ready-ground.

photo Erick Bonnier

A unique exhibition of photographs


Malongo Cafés plunge their clients into the atmosphere of the producer countries through the tropical décor, the videos shown of plantations and music from around the world.

In Nice, the photographs exhibited were taken by Erick Bonnier, an international photo-reporter. In the space of twenty snaps, he tells the fabulous story of Fair Trade and reveals the life of small coffee growers in the high plateaux of Mexico. This is a unique exhibition which will move on to other Malongo Cafés.
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